Keeping the lights on

Reliable clean power for your house, cabin, rv...

Why Mountain Microgrids

We specialize in solar + battery backup solutions. Having experienced many local power outages (6x 8hr outages in 2022 alone)... We realized there have to be better options than working out of the local coffee shop or putting up with backup gas generator maintenance, noise, smells, polution, running costs. You need reliable backup power to be comfortable, especially during a storm or emergency situation.

Scalable backup or fulltime systems

Mountain Microgrids builds battery backup systems which paired with solar and or mobile gas generators can help you weather any outage. Systems can be scaled up provide backup power from hours to days/weeks offgrid... keeping your food cold, lights on, wifi, tv, cooking, all your modern conviences running. Supporting 120/240v @ 20a (5kW) continious power output in our smallest systems... running power tools, starting fridge/freezer/hvac compressors is no problem.

mm-mobile: A mobile power solution you can keep ready in your garage, lend to a neighbor, or take with you to an off-grid cabin.

mm-rack: Rack mounted power banks allow upgrading over time. Start with 5kW power, 5kWh batteries and expand up to (3) 15kWh batteries. Multiple mm-racks can be parallized to scale up to mm-house.

mm-rack-outdoor: Don't have space in a indoor area? Our solutions can be packaged in standalone NEMA 3R enclosures or mounted to an exterior wall.

mm-house: Our largest residential offering, scaled all the way to 30kW (125a) continious power, 180kWh battery storage. This package can backup very large homes or multiple structures on your property.