About us

Founded in the Santa Cruz Mountains

We understand living in the Woodland Urban Interface (WUI) and that our access to beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, and fresh air come with some trade-offs. One of those trade-offs is the (un)reliability of our electrical and communication systems. Years ago that may have been an acceptible trade-off. But when most of your home has been electrified (refridgeration, lights, wifi, tv, computers, cooking) or you're working remote... you need to have reliable electrical service and access to backup communication systems.


Our goal is to provide reliable, resiliant, modularized systems that can be repaired, upgraded, even repurposed at end of life/upgrade cycle. Modern lithium ion batteries are expensive, 5-10+ year investments.

Designed for Expandability

As you electrify more of your household appliances or realize power outages are lasting longer than planned and you want to increase the power output or the battery capacity...

  • add batteries - for increased runtime
  • add inverters - for increased power output/charging
  • add solar panels - increased generation on sunny days
  • add propane gas generator - last resort but can extend runtime during winter (lower solar production months)

Community Education

It's our goal to improve community...

  • Awareness
  • Togetherness
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Energy effeciency
  • Energy independance