Scalable Backup Power Solutions

Scalable clean energy backup systems

mm-mobile-5 A mobile power solution you can keep ready in your garage, lend to a neighbor, or take with you to an off-grid cabin.

mm-rack-15 Rack mounted power banks allow upgrading over time. Start with 5kW power, 5kWh batteries and expand up to 15kWh batteries. Multiple MM-racks can be parallized to scale up further.

mm-rack-15-outdoor Don't have space in a indoor area? Our solutions can be packaged in NEMA 3R enclosures.

mm-house-30-90 Our largest residential offering, scaled all the way to 30kW (125a) continious power, 180kWh battery storage. This package can backup very large homes or multiple structures on your property.

mm-truckbox-10 (coming soon) Construction site companion. power tools, jump cars, microwave, worksite lights, etc

mm-trailer-light-30 (coming soon) charge during the day, provide lights at night - optional solar - fleet / plant management